Washing your face on a regular basis and utilizing skin care products is not enough to keep your face clean and clear — for this, you need a facial. At Primary Skin Care & Aesthetics, Dr. Acosta provides the most effective facials for his patients in Los Angeles. It is recommended for everyone to get a facial every now and then to take care of their facial skin.

What is a facial?

A facial cleans, exfoliates, and generally nourishes the skin. This procedure promotes a clear complexion and hydrates the skin. A facial can help the skin look younger when compared to its usual day-to-day countenance.

What can you expect from a facial?

During the procedure, your skin will be initially cleansed with the use of cotton pads, wipes, or sponges. Dr. Acosta will then analyze the quality of your skin under a bright, magnifying lamp. He determines your skin type, which may be oily, dry, a combination of both, normal, or sensitive. Your skin will also be assessed for acne, whiteheads, blackheads, age or sun spots. After the assessment, he will recommend the treatments and products you should try to eradicate such problems.

What are the steps involved with a facial?

After assessing your skin, your face will be put under a steam machine that will open up your pores and soften up whiteheads and blackheads that need to be extracted. An exfoliating agent will then be applied to the skin and your skin impurities extracted. As a patient, you can expect some discomfort, especially if you have thin skin. A facial mask is later applied to the face to help eliminate skin impurities.

What can you expect after a facial?

Dr. Acosta will give you some simple instructions to follow to get the most out of your facial. He will also recommend certain skin care products to enhance the effect of your facial and help improve your skin.


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