I adore Dr. Acosta. The work he has done with me is fabulous and he knows all the best cutting edge techniques and products.Plus, I have never worked with anyone who was so conscientious about money. His prices are really fair. And all the people who work in his office are really nice and helpful.

– Carolyne B.
Los Angeles, CA

I love this place, they are wonderful. Super nice people, super great services and their prices are half of other places. But dont think that that means you arent getting great care–they really just have reasonable prices, but their care and services are super A++++++++…….love it!

– Nina M.
Venice, CA

As a guy, I really appreciate the staff at this clinic. I do some modeling and acting and so I have to keep my face looking like I’m younger than I really am – and Dr. Acosta and his staff really made me feel comfortable with getting the procedure that I had done (I got a laser facial). Dr. A was really, really cool and explained everything to me in a way that I could understand, and at the same time it was enough to also realize that this guy realllllly knows his technical medical stuff. I learned not all lasers are the same and that he keeps up on the stuff too. Several months later, my skin really DOES look younger, esp around my eyes (crow’s feet) and my skin is smoother and photographs better than what it had been.

Before visiting, I talked to friends, I looked up some stuff , called around and brought in some info on what I thought I wanted done (or, rather was told by some various sources like other clinics and hot soccermom friends that get these types of things done all the time). But Dr. A told me that for my skin type and condition, I didn’t need all that much and I’d been misinformed by other weasel-y “medspa” clinics and nefarious sources. He had his staff set me up with a treatment that cost less and the most important part is: worked. It was quick and easy and my skin looks much better… simple as that. I also really like this place because they didn’t try to up-sell me or drain my wallet. Just because they’re in Beverly Hills doesn’t mean you’re paying crazy-high BH cost – but you do get that type of service from them when they talk to you.

Would I recommend this place to a friend? YES, and I already did; she went, she loved it and thanked ME for her experience. This place rocks and you’re in great care if you go here, unlike so many franchise/chain-store clinics that rip you off and you don’t get any results like some of my friends experienced. Now they will be getting my recommendations to go here.

– Jake H.
Los Angeles, CA

I am addicted! Dr. Acosta and his staff aren’t just knowledgeable but they are so warm and welcoming. I feel like I’ve been coming here for years and it’s only been about 6 months. My first trip to Primary Skin Care was to have few patches of broken capillaries lasered off. I was very happy with my results! Since then I have been back for microdermabrasion, IPL, and some Juvederm injections. I recommend going to this Medi Spa for any of your skin care needs.

– Love B.
Los Angeles, CA

dr acosta is a dream, he makes you feel sooo comfortable and he really wants to help. i went for laser hair removal and it worked very well i am still finishing up my treatments to be completely hair free. the pain is not bad. i can bear it without the numbing cream but if you cant they are happy to numb you up. the staff is so nice also and always remembers you. they have lasers so they can do hair removal, tattoo removal, acne treatments and more. i love this place. im not sure but i think they also do other cosmetic proceedures here.

– emily h.
Los Angeles, CA

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