Unwanted hair on the legs, armpits, or in the bikini area is annoying — especially because you need to regularly shave it off. And before you know it, the hair is back. Our patients enjoy an extended period of hairless days by making use of our waxing service at Primary Skin Care & Aesthetics.

What is waxing?

Waxing is a temporary hair removal method that removes hair from its roots. The results are temporary and hair will grow back after about three to eight weeks. Hair can be waxed on the legs, back, bikini area, arms, eyebrows, and even the face.

What is threading?

Threading is a method of hair removal that makes use of thin cotton threads twisted together to roll over untidy eyebrows, hairlines, and mustaches. Threading can be likened to tweezing, since it basically pulls out lines of hair from the follicles.

How often is waxing recommended?

Dr. Acosta recommends regular waxing to his patients, ideally every four weeks, since this makes the skin less sensitive after each session. Over time, the hair follicles will have less hair and less grip on the hair when it is pulled out. Regular waxing makes for less painful experiences, since hair can be more easily pulled out from its roots on repeated waxings. This will also lead to less hair growth as time goes by.

What should you do before your waxing appointment?

Patients shouldn’t shower for a few hours before their waxing appointment because this soaks and softens the hair, making it easier to break instead of being pulled out whole. Before your scheduled appointment, Dr. Acosta may provide a list of products that need to be avoided, which may include Retin-A, hydroquinone, Renova, oral acne medications, and topical or oral cortisone. Such substances make the skin more sensitive to substances and can increase skin irritation and other skin complications after the treatment.

What can you expect afterwards?

Although every patient has a different reaction to the treatment, temporary redness and irritation that can last a day or two are commonly experienced after waxing. When hair starts growing again, there will be slight itchiness.

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